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Pavarotti Eyewear

It all began with the thought of making a statement. Inspired by the fashion influences of Florence, Italy, an idea came to life. An emerging tribe of fashion conscious creators planned to make a fashion accessory a reality. Dreaming with their eyes wide open, they started a business that would win conquests and hearts along the way. They made an idea take shape with spectacle frames that would give people a confidence in facing their urban adventures with effortless charm, cool confidence, and fearless spirit.

Pavarotti Eyewear has crafted signature frames that are young, vibrant and fashionable, and yet are a true celebration of timeless style, luxe and sophistication. Each frame offers premium quality with a perfect finish. The end result is thoughtful designs that are high on aesthetics and functionality. As this hallmark of distinction takes on discerning eyes and indulging senses, Pavarotti quality frames are positioned to conquer the world. By sticking to the needs of the fashion conscious of the present, the rest will be history.